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MBL 05


Design Includes:

Printed Linen Front 1.25 m
Printed Linen Back 1.25 m
Printed Linen Sleeves 0.65 m
Neckline patti 1m
Printed Linen Trouser 2.5 m
Plushy Dupatta 2.5 m
Embroidered Velvet Yoke 0.5m
Embroidered Velvet Sleeve & Collar Patti 1.5 m
Embroidered Velvet Sleeve motifs 2 pc
Embroidered Cutwork Pallu Patti 2 m
Embroidered Velvet Dupatta Patti 8 m
Embroidered Organza Patti 2 m
Ornate Buttons

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Images are for illustration purposes only. Your dress may have variation in length, cut, and style although every effort is made to ensure variation is minimal.

Design: Accessories such as buttons and embellishments are only for illustration purposes and the designer does not provide these in the retail product. As part of our premium stitching service, we include these buttons and embellishments as complimentary items, however we are unable to guarantee an exact match due to availability. Please rest assured that all efforts will be made to ensure the closest possible match.


Small, Medium, Large, Custom Stitched, Unstitched


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